Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mai Noo Job Oppertooniteez!

Musashi Sez:

So now that all our gests is disappeared bak to the snowy tundrer, I has decided that I need a noo job. I hav been considrin offerz, most spesifikallee the one from Ellen Degeneres about halpin her host the Oscar the Growch Awards in Februarereree. Also, there is a spot gardin Noo York from evil super heroes, or, as Mom call them, Sooper Villenz.

Also, I has thogtid about being a Sooper Villen Maiawk===N Maiself, a.k.a., the CLAWR.

(Sorry. I got all egsytied about halpin Mom typ!!!).

Mom sez if I ar goin to be a Sooper Villen, I has to has a Back Story which Hold the Key to mai Evilness. Huh. Who noo?

If yu has som ideers about how I migtid have gotten to This Sorree Pass, I am open to herein yer ideers. Thank you.

M, the C!!!!

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