Sunday, January 12, 2014

Desolayshuns of MUSASHI!!!

Musashi Sez:

So Mom wentid out tonigt wift her frend Cindee (whu I has met) to a movie about this little guy, Bilbo Baggins (a hobbit burglar), an his thirteeen Dwarven frends whu needed to tayk back their lonely mountain from this veree scaree DRAGON! They hads to march across lotsa couches an bookshelves to get to there. But this dragon feller, Smog (the Terrible), was waitin fer them!

Now this Smog (the Magnifiscent) feller wuz egzactlee the eevil feller whu had laid waste to their kingdom an all the kingdoms in that genral location (incloodin, but not limited to, Eregion an Laketown an that other place whose name I can't rmembember), cause parently, that is what smogs do.

An it seem lik Smog (the Avaricious) win at the end of this particlar movie, but Mom has pointed out to me that, in fact, this is just two-thrids of the way thru the akshul story, an I shud not get my hopes up about Smog’s eventchool victoryus outcome, because stories lik this don't normallee go so gud fer people lik dragons an other big ol' mean bad guys.

But that’s okay. I figger I kin spend a year playin at bein Smog (the Reellee, Reellee Bad), Destroyer of Nayshunz, until the last movie comes out where they slays him, an then I kin be all, like, "La la la, I’m a steampunk ninja, sillee!"

An Mom keeps mutterin, “Work in progress, work in progress.” Huh.

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PJS said...

Smog? Isn't that what they have in Los Angeles?