Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Success So Far

Musashi Sez:

Wull, it turn out that all this Noo Yeer stuff require lots an lots of practis. Fer example, I has been sayin Pleez verree well, when I wants Mom to wayk up or to feeds me or to plae wift me an that Crazy Red Dot!!! Thankyu is harder. I mean, I can do it when mom gets up an I can do it when she gives me a bellee rub. But the feedin one is hard cuz in between the Th and the Q is lots of om-nom-noms. Mom says I are a work in practis. Or possibly progress. I fergits.

Meanwhile I has been tryin to figger out how to be frends again wift Mister Tygr, whu so disrpointed me when we wuz havin our ninja vs. steampunk argyoomint. Finally, he pointed out that the real argyoomint was akshullee ninjas vs. pirates, and that in fact BOFT ninjas AN pirates cud be steampunk if they wanted to be. So we cud play steampunk ninjas one day an then steampunk airship pirates the next. This brillyunt discovery has made my days much less lonlee and also mutch more egsytin!!!

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