Monday, January 27, 2014

Yogi Ber an Stuffs Lik That

Musashi Sez:

So Mom got this yoger video an she was tryin to do the yoger stuffs lik the gy on the video. I gots so innerested that I got down there on the floor wift her to watch up close. She wuz all shakey cuz she is not yoozed to yoozin her muskles like that, an also wift the breethin. If she were a kittee, she wud hav been doin this stuffs since she was veree littul, lik me.

I not noe why she needs a video, since I do that stuffs all the time. I cud teetch her Kittee Yoger. She not need that Yogi Ber gy to demonstrayt the moovs. Huh.

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PJS said...

I like blueberry yoger, myself.