Thursday, January 2, 2014


Musashi Sez:

Well, I hav been thinking that Mom an me boft need som self-improovmints, especially her. All I needs to work on is my vocabulaberry, an I have been borrowin Mom’s Cross Word Puzzulz fer halp wift that.  (Altho don’t aksk me why all them words is so cross’ maybe it’s cuz they are stuck in them littul boxes.)

Mom needs mor work. She has been workin on her cookin skills, although her fud alwaes smells perty awful, so I am assooming that she not veree gud at it, although she always seem happee, eetin all them froots an vejetabuls an cheez an erbs. Yuck.

I think she shud cleen her desks mor so I can walk ovr them mor easily an also she shud percastinayt less on halpin me wift mai blog, becuz it is easier wift her thin finger-toes to typ than it is fer me wift my dainty feets.

I am shur I will think of other waes we can improov ourselves this year. If yu has ideers, I am listening. By reading yer comments, because yu guyz nevr talk loud enugf fer me to hear by listening the regular way. Huh.

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