Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Nu Post Cuz I Gots Dsitractulayted...

Musashi Sez:

Wull, life here is interested. Cuz our Russhian roommate has had her parentz visitin fer like a whole four weeks. This, Mom tells me, is odd, cuz heer in Merica, nobodee gets more than one week, a week and a haf, or tops, two weeks of vaykayshun!

And as a ADJUNCT perfesser, she gets two monfts of unemployment, but that is differments.

So she gots theez Russhian parentz of her roommate who hav been heer fer almost 4 weeks, an the feridgiaytor is full of stuffs. (Luckily, my can of fud not tak up too mutch room!) The bigggest problim is that the erfidgiator is full of vegetubbuls an froots an meets an stuffs. Mom open it an look and close it, and then shuffle into our bedroom, mutterin about fishes an house-gests an time, an other stuffs that not make a whol lotta sense to me.

So I has been nappin near her pillo wher her hed goes, and she has been dreamin about funnee peoples moovin our erfidgiator into the baftroom, and moovin the couch wher noo peoples sleep in the kitchun.

Her brain are a wierd playse to be and that is all I kin sae! Huh.

Meanwhile, yu wud think I wud hav learned more Russhin, like, fer exampel, "Musashi, do you noes when yer Syoozin is comink hom? Cuz the kitchin is brokin agen."

But still all I noes is: "Hello, thank-you, comrade, cheers!" and like that. Also mebbe, "Please an thank yu."