Saturday, December 22, 2012

Becomin a Art Critik

Musashi Sez:

So I had desiderayted to studdee art instead of histree, which, aside frum the running an jumpin an shootin peeples, turns out to be kinda borin. But I notisst that all them battles an things had art piktchurz drawn about them, an that got me innerestid in art.

But it turn out that ther are lotsa kindsa art. Ther ar purformans art, which is lik peeple dansin an playin statchoo, and purtendin it all verree meeninful. Ther ar paintinz, lik the onez I has ben sharing wift yu fer mai histree entreez.

An ther ar Krayonz, which are the art I liks best. I eevn writs my blog wift them and drawrz the kindsa piktchurz I want mai mom to find on Googul Imijiz fer the blog. I writed this blog in green and bloo. That giv mai mom a sens of the eemoshunz I want to convay wift mai spellin. She seez how seeryus or sillee I am bein an then she piks out the spellin that will convay that bestest.
An ther are eevn arts wift peeples foldin paypr or kittehs, an maykin verree egsytin dezynz. This is not somthin kitteez do natchurlee, as the lak of disposable thumz mayk it hard to fold stuffs. So we has to leev this to the hoomin peeples if we is egspectin them to fold the fansee peesiz of paypr. Altho, if we wants to do kittee foldin, we kin do that ourselfs, cuz we are verree whut they calls flexsibbul.

But it turnz out that the peeples whu are the mos powerful in the Art Werld aren’t the artistes therselves. It ar the art Critiks, whu gets to complain about the art or say how wonnerful it is. They writs seeryus nots in their notbuks an then the artists eethr get ritch or suffr a lot an then mayks betterer art. At leest, that whut it soun lik frum my resertch.

So I figger, mebbe I kin beom a Art Critik. They’ll hav the Musashi Skool of Art Critikism, an peeples will has to not onlee say whut they thingks about the art, but they will also has to yooz mai creaytiv spellin.

But eevn if I stays a Merican Histreean, or possibul a ponee-ridin cowboy kittee, it turn out that Art isn't just about puttin somthin innerestin on paypr or in a myoozeeum. Lif kin be artistical, lik wen I, as a byooteeful blak kittee do whut they callz "strikin a poz," whutever that meen. Cuz them Frentch artistes has ben drawrin piktchurz of kitteez lik me fer hunnerds an hunnerds of yeers. An if that don't mak it ART, I doesn't noe whut does. 

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PJS said...

“Nature, when she invented, manufactured, and patented her authors, contrived to make critics of the chips that were left.” --Oliver Wendell Holmes