Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mai Rezolooshunz

Musashi Sez:

Huh. Wull, I had ment to mayk rezolooshunz about writin mor, but I fergettid. An evree tim Mom is on the kapyootr typin, I gets all egsytid an we has to chays the red dot, whu is sekretlee a Robot Laydee Bug. Mom calls this “getting distractulayted” but I thinks of it as constructive perkastination, cuz I’m getting so mutch egsersize from runnin around in circles.

But meewhyl, I has rembembered that Art is mayd of stuffs othr than jus oil an watrcolrz. Akchoolee, art also incloood Dans an Skulptchoor an also Myoozik, so I has engajed resentlee in all of thees Artz. I wull tel yu about them eventchoolee, but rigt now, Mom wants to go to bed an she is getting crankee when I wayks her up at lik 4 in the morning an insists on playin at theez arts. So I has to sleep at nigt (ridikyoolus ideer) an onlee gives her mai inventive ideerz in the morning.

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