Thursday, December 6, 2012

That Frentch an Indyun War, Wethr Yu Liks it or Not

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I noe that mai mom has the sads, mainlee I thingks becuz mai Onkul Me2 ended up joinin the Harp Sqwad in Hevin, instead of the Hevinlee Polish Polka Accordion Teem, lik she egspected. An I kin unnerstand her confuzzlement. After all, Onkul Me2 wuz the kinda gy to dans around the partmint a lot, an then drink too much root beer an start a figt. Yu noe, the kind of onkul a persin kin reellee apresheayte.

So I has desiderayted to push on wift my pervious plan to tell yu all bout Merican histry. I noe that wen I toldid yu about the Frentch an Indyun War, yu all thogtid, “Huh? But Frans is so far away from Indiana!”

An yu ar rigt about that. But it turn out the British folks had gotten a buntch of states that were sorta pinkish, an the Frentch had stolen states that were ligt blu. The Spanish had ben workin in the same way, and they took the states that were yellry-orange, like Florider and Taxus.

Parently, the war was about the Indyunz, whu lived ther first, sayin that the states wer all green an why wuz theez forin peeple paintin them different colrz? It was basically about grafeetee an sqwattin, near as I kin figgr. But the Frentch din’t win, and the Indyuns din’t win. So it were a strange kinda war. Huh.

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