Friday, December 7, 2012

Goin Bak a Littul

Musashi Sez:

I ben readin mor histry an I realizd that I left somthin out. See, befor the Frentch an Indyun War ther was this soshul moovemint called the Grayt Awakenin. Now yu rememember them Puritan pilgrim types whu had that big partee wift the Indyuns befor they started figtin wift the Frentch? They wer verree relijus, an went to church all the tim.

Wull, it turn out that they started getting bored wift 
church an peoples wuz fallin asleep an the preechrz gots mad. So they wentid up in their big pulpits an they started yellin about Basement Cat an how he was goin to com get their soles if they dint wake up!

So they all jumped up an down in their pews to stay awayk, yellin Glory Halleluya to Ceiling Cat! An this went on fer lik twenty years, an probable onlee stoppd once the preechrz got mor inneresting.

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