Friday, December 21, 2012

Washinton Crossin That Rivr

Musashi Sez:

Okay, now we back to the 1770s, that crayzee tim in the Merican Revolooshun wen Disco Dansin was veree popyoolar, don’t asksk me why.

So the British had put the big taxes on the tea an the Merican colonists had gotten reellee hyped up on the coffee an started shootin the British, particlerlee heer in Boston, ovr on the Bunkr Hill. The British had to run away and so we chased them to Qebec, which is in Canada if yu kin beleev it, but it was verree cold ther, an the British had frends hidin in a fort an they chased us back souft again.

So Gorge Washinton put on his fansee yooniform an sed, “C’mon, Boyz! Up an at ‘em!” eevn tho it wuz Christmas Eve, nine monfts layter. An they all jumpd into a big canoo an sailed across the Rivr in lik Delawayr or Baltimor or somplays lik that. An they LEAPED! on the British from behind, cuz fer som reezon, the British wuz lookin the othr wae. And they winned!!!

An to celrbrayt, they had a big disco dans all wintr, wift the shiny light ball, eevn tho they din’t have mutch fud. An then they tuk bak Philrdefia, an som playsiz eevn furthrer souft. Altho I think that caym laytr.

I am getting bord wift histree now. I thingk I’m goin to go lern som stuff about Art. Huh.

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