Friday, December 14, 2012

Hysteria Ar a Bad Thing

Musashi Sez:

OK, I promisd to tell yu about the Salem Witch Trialz, which happened not far frum wher I liv. Ther wer som girlz whu got overegsytid an started sayin that othr folks livin in Salem wuz witches whu wer putting evil spellz on them. They jumped up an down an were foamin at the mouft lik a doggee whu has gottid bit by a rabid raccoon or somthin.

Now, sins this was bak in the tim when those relijus fellrz wuz runnin New England, they had to send fer som judges whu cud lissen to the evidens and then hang folks when they desydid that they wer guiltee. An som admitted to bein witches and they din’t get killt. Which not mayk mutch sens, reellee.

But what wuz eevn worser is that if yu livd wift a blak kittee, peeples wud say yu wuz a witch. They thogtid that blak kitteez wer familyrz, which meen that they noez yu verree well, tho I not clear on how that mayks yu a witch. So it wuz a scaree tim to be a laydee wift a blak kittee, so I'm glad that mom an me wuz bornd three hunnert yeerz laytr.

Cuz, luckily, nowadaes, we ar mutch mor open-mindid. Peeple can be witches if they wants an we not kills them. Also, wen othr peoples starts runnin around an sayin othr peoples is witches, we doesn’t automatical assoom that they’r rigt. Except fer that one tim in the 1950s, but I tell yu about that laytr, cuz if I tells yu now, I nevr goin to get throo the whol Merican Revolooshun, an I noe that yu is lookin forward to that.

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