Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mor Histre, This Tim About Coloneez

Musashi Sez:

So, we’re bak to Merican histry. Now about a hunnert years has passed sins the big Thanxgivin partee wift the Indyuns. Lots mor hoomin peoples from Yoorup has sailed ovr, because they can borro land from the Indyuns an has a farm, mos of the boys kin vot, (which they can’t do bak hom in Inglund an Frans an Jermany), an also they kin sue eetch othr more, so they also com ovr to go to Harvard to becom lawyerz. An sins lawyerz kin mak lotsa money, it almost worth bein seasick fer a monft on the bot.

Durin this tim, lotsa exciting things were startin, lik Connecticut an Virginia an Pencilvanya. Also lotsa importint peoples we bein bornd, although I not tell yu why they was importint until laytr, aftr I has red the next Wikrpedia artikul. But I kin tell yu their names: George, Tom, Ben, Nathan, John, an also som fellr named Quincy, which is a silly sorta name if you aksk me.

(Mom Says: This is coming from someone named Musashi, mind you.)

Musashi Sez:

Huh. Ther eevn a guy named Israel, and that wasn’t eevn a country at the tim, so his parents wer getting ahead of theirselves.

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PJS said...

Quincy -- isn't that the guy who's a medical examiner?