Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quiz about ME!

Musashi Sez:

OK. Now we goin to tayk a qwiz about ME. Wull, I sez “we,” but I meenz yu all. OK, got yer numbr 2 penslz reddee? Sharpind? Gud. Now put them down an put yer funnee hoomin fingrz on the keebord!

1) What is Musashi’s nombr 1 fayvrit fud?

a) Sammin
b) Spagetti
c) Cheerioz
d) Smok’d goota
e) Toonr

2) What is Musashi’s fayvrit myoozik?

a) That Jon Denvr fellr
c) Ozzy Ozbern
d) Miles Davis
e) Lady Gaga

3) What is Musashi’s fayvrit book?

a) The Hobbit
b) Post-colonial Imagination & Feminist Theory
c) The Fur Person
d) The Lastest Unicorn
e) The Dicshunary

4) Whu is Musashi’s fayvrit moovee star?

a) Jaymz Dean
b) Hallee Berree
c) Daniel Crayg
d) Humfree Bogart
e) Invaydr Zim

5) Whut is Musashi’s fayvrit moovee?

a) Casino royale
b) Star Warz
c) Cats & Dogs
d) Casrblanca
e) The Preechr’z Wif

So, lik, if this wer 1 of them akademik qwiz typ thins, yu’d get 20% fer evree corekt ansr.

Send us yer ansrz (like ABCED) by comment below or by email. Sho us how mutch yu noez about our starrin writer gy, the elegint blak tuxedo kittee: MUSASHI!!!

Qwot of the Dae:
“Tell me whut yu lovs an I tells yu whu yu ar.” --Somboddee or Othr.

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