Friday, October 29, 2010

Mai Holloeen Opshunz, III

Musashi Sez:

OK, so I hav consideraytid a fyoo mor skayree Holloween costoomz:

1. A Eevl Warlok, lik that Perfessr Snayp fellr.

Admitlee, I gotsta do mor praktis sayin, “Abra-kadabra!” an also, wift grayt sarkasm, “OBviuslee.”

2. Qwatzekoattul, the Feathrd Serpent of Doom.

As neer as I kin figgr, this gy'z a Mayan deeitee whu'z goin to com in 2012 to sweep up the mess. He gots his werk cut out fer him...

3. The Shinkansen, the verree fast Japaneez trayn. (Mai Mom an her frend, Robin, rydid it lots an lotsa yeerz ago! They passd the faymus mountin fooji so fast that their pictshurz din't qwyt com out rigt.

Mom sez I jus has to run-aroun! verree fastest! so all foks see is a silvr blurr! It sounz way too eezee to be tru.

4. Or, possibul, Darft Vaydr, the eevl dark lord of the planetz an stuff. He wuz Destroyr of Planitz an aslo Peeplez. A verree bad gy! I not shur I want to pertend to be him...

Yu noe whut he look lik if yu seen his mooveez...

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Pamela said...

I like the Quetzcoatl idea. (BTW, isn't that a Lego Darth Vader?)