Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Granma’z in the Gaym Too!!!

Musashi Sez:

We has anothr winnr! Mai granma got the firstest 3 qwestshunz correct, eevn the ones mai granpa cudn’t get. Huzza, Granma!

Whut I not unnerstan is how com noboddee getting the las 2 qwestshunz rigt. I thingk it’s cuz they thingk I lik the saym stuffs as mai mom doez, but acshullee, I is a verree independint kittee. By telling yu how, I will gives yu hints. Cuz I’m not shur I got mor than them 3 reedrz. I thingk mebbee they are mai onliest onez. Cuz although mai mom does a whol lot of public relations werk, handin out mai cards to folks an lik that, verree few of them folks at MIT an her liberaytin theologee skool ar flooent in LOLCat. It a reel handicap when yu’r tryin to aksess Werld Litterachur.

Sigh. So I gives yu hints.

No, it not Danyul Craig. Yus, he wears lots of tuxeedoz, but I has not seen him yet in a movie wift a cat in it. Huh.

Similar, it not Casino royale, fer mosta the saym reezonz. Gud actrz, no kitteez.

An whil the plot of Cats & Dogs is cleerlee rivettin, the charaktrz are flat an the cinemomotographee is choppee. It had so mutch possulbilitee, too.

OK, folks, yu try agin.


Pamela said...
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Pamela said...

Using the process of elimination, I'd guess that are the answers to 4 & 5 Humphrey Bogart and "Casablana."