Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Lastest (gessr) Winnr!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, the bad nooz is that it is tru that I onlee got 3 reedrz. The gud nooz is that at leest 1 of them kin manidj that fansee “egstropolaytin” thin that is as hardr to spell as it is to do.

But our frend *Pamlr* figgerd out that mai fayvritest moovie is Casrblankr! Yus! Not onlee do it got peeples in tuxeedoz, it also has got Mr. Bogart an that flashee kittee-hoomin, Ingrd Bergmn. An, as in all the bestest moovies, the gud gyz makes the Notzeez luk stoopid!!! Woo! Hoo!

OK. But yu gyz can’t figgr out whu mai fayvritest moovie star is. Huh. Does Jaymz Deen evr play a kittee? NOT. Does Danyul Crayg evr play a kittee? NOT. An altho it is verree tru that Invaydr Zim is wickid cool, an Bogee is, wull, Bogee, the onliest star in the list whu has playd the (intenslee moovin) rol of a kittee person is Halle Berree. Yus, she gotsd a lotta flak fer this, cuz it is still no soshullee egseptid fer a hoomin moovie star to play aginst speeseez. But she wuz brayv an did the rigt thin, opnin up the possibiliteez fer othr actrz whu will follr her. It ar inspirin.

Ms. Berree also got lotsa othr thins in commin wift me, lik bein moslee black, an havin lotsa styl sens an verree sharp clawz. But she is eevn mor amayzin: she eevn got to be in a Jimbond moovie!!!

Huh. But I am werkin on that. I am currintlee in a plot-twist over at mai otherer blog, which is calld agenteightsspyjournal.blogspot.com, an kin be findid at the website listid below: http://agenteightsspyjournal.blogspot.com . Theez thins tayk tim. Sigh.

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