Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mai Holloeen Opshunz, I

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I am off to a layt start figgerin out mai Holloeen costoom, maynlee cuz Mom wuzn’t plannin on goin anywher an then she got invitid to a partee wift som of her old frendz. So then I thogt, if she is goin to be somboddee els, then so is I! Huh.

So heer ar mai firstest thogts.

1. Catbus (from the moovee Mai Neighbor Totoro)

Jus becuz the reel catbus is orinjee-brown is not to mattr, cuz Mom has a tweed jakit I kin borro, altho it haz the long arms. Also, evr tim I try to git them four mousees into playse on my bak, they falls off giggling.

2. A Black Crayon

For this one I wud need to borro Mom’s grey jakit, but she won’t let me drawr on it.

3. Baysmint Cat

All I’d need to do is to hyd mai whit bits an paktis yoozin mai layzr eyz!!!

4. Jimbond (the old standbai)

Or, possibul, the oatmeal Qwaykr gy.

Ther is so mannee possibuliteez, an so littul tim… But I is opin to ideerz from all 3 of mai reederz... So whatchu thingk?

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