Monday, October 4, 2010

We Haz a Sekund Winnr!!!

Musashi Sez:

We ar rollin in gas!!! We alreddee has a sekund winnr in the MUSASHI qwiz gaym. Mai frend Pamelr correctlee ansrd 3 and ½ qwestshunz.

1) What is Musashi’s nombr 1 fayvrit fud?
e) Toonr. But yu othr folks all nu that cuz of mai granpa.

2) What is Musashi’s fayvrit myoozik?
d) Miles Davis. Huh. Of cors. I don’t noe a singul kittee whu dozn’t lie wift hiz or her eyz half-clozd lisnen to this sweet jazz, wift our tails swayin bak an 4fth—hmm. How yu sez rrrrrr’p in Inglish?

“Langwidlee.” Whut a funnee werd.

3) What is Musashi’s fayvrit book?
c) The Fur Person. OK, folks, I wrytid a buk revyoo on this one a whil bak. Yu gots to pay attenshun. It is writid by May Sarton.

I not tell yu whut her half right ansr wuz, cuz that wud mayk it eezier fer yu to gess. NO GESSIN!!!

Yu keep tryin! We only gotz the lastest 2 qwestshunz to ansr, an then I kin tells yu about this Egstra Holee Fransis gy whu keeps on getting folks to bless me from a distins.

My purrz go out to Pamlr. Givz her a round of paws!

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