Saturday, January 31, 2009

Becomin Reflexobble

Musashi sez:

Las time I told yu abowt choozin yer traynin mousees. Now I tell yu how to be mor reflexobble. Is importint fer huntin, cuz yu gots to be reelly bendee an also to moov reelly fast when stuff happens. Like burds, fer instins.

Now I kin do this natchural, cuz I’m so dashin. I dash evrywher. But not evrbody got mai motorvayshun. So I tell yu abowt a new thin that’s goin to help yu lern.

Is kalled KOOSH an it’s perty fantastik. Is lik a wobblee bug wift rubber fur. Mai new frend Obbee show me this. Yu kin pik it up in yer mouft an throw it up! and then catch it! or bat it away! or jump on it! or jes abowt anythin yu want. ACROBATICS is possibul too.

An the best part is yu don’t need yer hoomin peeples to help yu plae wift it. An it’s too big to get unner the TV stand. An it’s soft, so if it do somhow get on the taybul, it won’t really hurt anything. An you kin plae wift it over an ovr an it don’t get tai-erd, lik sometimes mai pelikan does. He’s a gud guy, an he’s mai frend, but mom sez pelikans not bilt fer mad huntin, like kittees ar.

So yu go an get Koosh Ball an start praktissin refleobble-itee. An yu send me note on how it’s goin. I mosly onlee get notez on how bad mai spellin is. Huh. As if spellin were somthin importint.

Mom explains:

Do get a Koosh for your cat. It will give you hours of entertainment. Also, exercise for your cat. Probably simultaneously.

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