Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shaykspeare an Like That

Musashi Sez:

So this past week was a gud time fer partying. Tuesdae was Will Shakespeare’s birftdae. He was 449. I figger that next year is going to be a big party fer him in England, cuz how manee peeples akshully reach 450? I figger they’ll make him a big cake, maybe in the shape of that famous round theater. It’ll be verree egsytin fer him to blo out all them candles! He’s probabul goin to need all kindsa help.

Meenwhile, back here in Boston, evrbodee talking about how strong we all are, eevn tho all the reellee scary stuff is over, so how come we still needs to be so strong? They caugtid the bad guy who exploded the Boston Marathon an akshully got all my roommate gurls to stay hom last Friday!!!

Which is not to say that I am fer exploding stuffs, jus cuz it gives me companions. No, no, no.

Last week, we had a verree hard tim comyoonicaytin wift our fayvrit peeple in Boston, Pittsburg, Connecktikit, Main, an stayts lik that becauz of them skaree terrerist folks whu desideraytid to hurts peeples at that Boston Marathon thing. I’m still tryin to figger out why someboddee wud want to do somthin lik this, but I figger that I am extraordinarilee lucky about it, sins so far it look lik noboddee I noe has been hurt.
But I keeps thinking about all of them othr folks whu has ben hurtid, an I not noe whut to do. So mostlee, I runs around lik a crazy kittee an then takes a nap.

I bet yu guys all do the same thing as me. Huh.

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