Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Editin is Borin. Huh.

Musashi Sez:

Wull, Mom has been spending most of the last few days eethr sittin around waitin fer somthing to edit, or editing it. This is borin, as it tend to meen she is not free to run around the partmint chasin me or playin wift the lazer pointer. And parently, she do this ALL THE TIME at work.

Persunly, I find this extremely hard to bleev. I mean, I has meeted some of her frendz whu werk wift her, an they does not strik me as the not-spendin-any-tim-not-chasin-the-lazer-pointer kinda peeples. They is mutch more wilder an crazier than that.

Aftr all, I noes that they take luntch breaks. Shurlee they get some tim to stretch an run  around an play, eevn if it is MIT, which apprentlee is a Verree Seerius Place.

I aksked her, “Don’t MIT hav some Mad Scientists?”

She sed, “Nope. Not mad. Just kinda exhausted.”
“Wull, that is no fun,” I sed.

“It depends,” she sed. “It also meen that we hasn’t got the big green creature guys that mad scientists tend to build in their labs. I figure they balance each other out.”

An yu noe, I think she has got a point ther.

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