Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mai Perty Pink Rug!!!

Musashi Sez:

Mom insisted that I write something, so I am goin to tell yu all how nice an soft my perty pink rug is that Katia left me. Also it is verree, verree PINK!!!

She left it fer me on the ottoman, so it’s not just a rug an it not just PINK!!!, but it also is up higher than it was when it was in her room on the floor. It not deserv to hav to lie on the floor.

I has been lyin on it ALL day. An I'm goin to do it again tomorroro!!!

Mai life is perfect now. *Sigh*


PJS said...

Who is this Otto Man of whom you speak?

Susan Spilecki said...

It was a Turkish roommate who never paid the lastest rent. HAh! Onle kiddin. It akshullee is a footrest (or, fer me, Whol Boddee Rest) stool thingy.

Thank yu fer akskin!