Monday, May 6, 2013

More Parteez an a Change of Planz

Musashi Sez:

Wull, it has been a verree egsytin week again. On May 1, we celebraytid the fact that Mom is employed, since noboddee pays me to do my writing. On May 4, we celerbrayted Star Warz Dae, cuz, yu noe, May the Fourth be wift yu. On May 5, we celerbraytid Cinco de Mayo (which is pernounced Sanko de My-O, not Sink-O de Mayo, an fer some reason has nothing to do wift:

• decaffeinated coffee
• yerz truly
• sinks
• mayonnaise
or, an yu not going to beleev this,
• Spaghetti-os or eevn
• the letter O, which yu wud hav expected to have sponsored the holiday.

Nope, it has to do wift Mexico and the Frentch army. Yu remembrer Emperor Napoleon wift the funnee hat an planz fer world dominayshun? This army was sent by his grandson Luis.

Aneeway, it occurred to me that wift all this importint stuff I has to do all the tim, I not got any more tim for that eevil Captain Nemo whu stole mai naymin rights to that big old blizzard we had. But I figger that since I stole his Bein-Halpful-wiftout-Bein-Aksked certificate from Mr. Rogers, we are eevn. An if he decides he wants it back, then he kin come to me an we kin make a deal.

In the meantime, we has brougtid our ship back to Earth an I am busy workin on mai jet lag, which is OF COURSE the ONLIEST reason that I was wide awake at 3:55 this morning pattin Mom on the face. In fact, I is insulted that she cud possibly have thogtid otherwise. Huh.

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