Monday, April 22, 2013

We Upgraydz the Spontanteity!

 Musashi Sez:

Wull, we have been cleenin up the Spontaneity, maykin shur that all of them Peeps are gone. (Eevn if it mean eatin them--it's a dirty job bein a starshp captain sometimes.)

We had a crew meetin an we all agreed that it was time to upgrade our ship. This is goin to mean movin all of Mom's "school stuffs" off of the spayse-ship chair so that Kaylee, our mechanic, can get in there and do some work, addin some verree cool harwayre.

We got a brand new spinny thing (cuz the old one got worn out from all that spinnin.)

Also, we boughtid us a brand  new gyroscope, which are a thing that keep us on the straight an narrow, or at leest on the straight, largely becuz of pfhyziks. Huh.

I has ben tryin to convinserayt peeples that we cleerly needs raysin  stripes, preferabul in blu an gold, but they is not convinserayted jus yet. It may wull be that I gots some work to do to get mai way eventchoolee.

But that is whut we has been up to laytlee.

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