Friday, May 31, 2013

I am Full up wift the Pink!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, it hav been a verree gud week fer sleepin on the pink rug whil Mom does her editin. She sez she is maykin money fer us fer importint things, but does she get me a ponee? No, she does not. Instead, he goes off an buys Petromalt, which is this icky brown stuff that is supposta make me not hav the hairballs. When I wuz a littul kitten I loved it an went runnin fer Mom when she got a toob out, even though it was uzually hand loshun but then she wud give me the brown goop an I wuz verree happee.

But I am olderer now, an I has betterer taste. Mom calls me "jaydid" but I not green, so I don't noe what she meenz by this.

But we played tonight wift the pink cloth snake-on-a-stick. Whoo hoo! It not a real snake, so yu doesn't have to be afraid. It is just a long piece of cloth that onlee pertends to be a snake. I grabs it an Mom calls me Lefty, but akshully, I am arbritrary ambivalentary ambulance--I kin yooz all mai paws if I wants to. The front left one is just fasterer than all the others cuz he gets more exercize.

An then Mom sez, "Yes, egzactlee," lik she won the argument. Moms kin be so annoyin lik that. Huh.


PJS said...

You're in the pink (or on it)!

Susan Spilecki said...

Huh. You tells me that when yu has the superiorrrirorirottee.