Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleepin An Waykin an Lik That

Musashi Sez:

Somtimz mai mom has trubbl sleepin, an she wants me to settul down on her nee lik I allus do, but more qwiklier. I thingks that she is moslee in need of mai purrin. So yah, I purrs fer her, cuz hey, she buy mai littr an fud an moussee toyz. This is somthin them biznis stoodints call “sinnerjee.”

Aneewae, I not alwaez shur when she is havin trubbul sleepin or when she simplee has wokd up an is considrin veree deeplee the meenin of lyf or possibul whether it is tim to go to the baftroom. So moslee I aksks, espeshullee if it ar aftr 5:00 o’clock in the mornin, when is a gud tim to be waykin up, from mai opinyun, if not frum herz.

Moslee, she pat me on the hed an nod orf agen. Somtimz she mumbl, “Musashi, yu sutch a good boy. Why yu wayks me ZZZZZnorgfff…?”

An yu gotta admit, ther no reel ansr fer that.

So I jus pats her on the fays or on the arm until she wayk up enugf to say somthin helpful lik, “Mebbe we shud checks yer fud dish, Musashi!”

Which, as long as it not follrd immeedyatlee wift a “ZZZZZnorgfff,” is the start of a verree gud dae indeedy. An if that don’t work, I kin allus wait a few more hours fer her alarm to go off. That allus get her owt of bed in a hurree!

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