Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paws, Softball Batz, an Jenrul Giltee

Musashi Sez:

Recentlee, Mom has ben havin the crankee. She sez it ar becuz of me pattin her on the arm or fays or jumpin on her livr. She sez that it wud be wun thing if I did this at 7:30 a.m. on the dayz wen she haz gotta get up early (Mundae, Toozdae, Thirdsdae, an Frydae), which jus so happen to be mai daez orf. She thingk that mai workdaez, Wenzdae an Saturndae, partiklee at 5:17 in the mornin, shuld be much mor qwietr than they ar (Also, she a bit jellis that I onlee werks 2 daez and she hafta werk 5 daez.)

Forchoonatlee, Sundaez is both of us’s dae of rest an baythin an homwerks. So she reeds an reeds and reeds, an I spends the saym tim maykin shur that my chest an sholders an arms and pawz is cleen. Then I mayk shur that mai tummee an bak ar cleen. She watchiz me cleen maisalf inbtween her reedin. She sez yoosful stuffs lik, “Huh, yu missd a spot, Musashi” or “Aw, yu so cyoot, Musashi,” liks yu wud egspeckt a mothr-typ-persin to do. An somtim she muttr, “Huh, how com yu not so cyoot an qwiet at 5-30 o’clok in the mornin?”

An I doesn’t say nothin, cuz she reellee need to fokis on her homwerk, but I is thingkin verree hard about this fellr namd “Simin’s Kittee.” He is a moovee star!!! His hoomin persin has his own websyt to tell all about him, jus lik that faymusest kittee in Japan, naymed Maru. Yu kin find him an his firstest moovee at http://www.simonscat.com/Films/Cat-Man-Do/

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