Saturday, October 15, 2011

Diffrints Fuds

Musashi Sez:

Hallo, hoomin an othr peeple Fanz! I is heer todae to celrbrayt “chikin an turkee” kinda fud. Mai mom was feedin me toonr fud, but she wuz getting nervus about how mutch merkree ther is in fish, cuz ‘parentlee, them fisheez yooz them ol’fashund merkree thermometrz wen they is sik, and this leed to bad stuffs, the deetaylz of which ar confuzzlin to me.

But ANYwhoo, mai mom has ben getting me nue fuds: chikin an turkee an stuffs lik that. All this is bringin me bak to mai orijnal feelyn hairy-tij. Wen I eetz it, I remembrz how my ansestr kitteez fougt on the savannr wift them chikinz, an turkeez an salminz.

Huh. Jus the memree alon mayk me feel lik a skaree, advenchursum fellr!

So I am OK wift the ideer of shiftin to a nue fud. Turnz out, iz verree hip to trai nue thins!

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