Friday, October 21, 2011

Mai Noo Littul Brothrz

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I am now offishlee a Big Brothr. Mai Mom’s frend, Mandr, jus adopted 2 plants to Mom, a fuzzee lookin fern an a hoya! Mom wuz goin to call the fern Fred an the hoya! Harriet, but then she desydid that Bert an Ernie wud be eezier to rememembr.

She sed I am goin to haz lotsa sponsabiliteez now, remyndin her to feed an wadder them. I aksed her whut plants eet, and she was tellin me about this cycle, an us breethin, an somthin calld See-Otoo, which soun lik that shinee gold fellr in the Star Warz moovee. Parintlee, plants eet robots.
Hmm. Mebbe I misundrstandid. I will tayk a nap on the cyklerpeedier tomorrer and see if I can’t sort it out that way. But that not eevn the most confuzzlin thin that I ben thingkin about wift regard to mai straynj noo leefee-greenee brothrz.
See, I thingk Mandr toldid mai mom the rong naym fer one of them plants. Okay, the hoya! look lik it soun. But the aspragrus fern? Huh. Mai mom eets lotsa that weerd aspragrus, an it not luk lik Bert. It luk lik Zibit A. Googul sez that fernz look lik Zibit B. Whut we gots luk mor like Zibit C.

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