Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Lidderaree Masterpees!!!

Musashi Sez:

Mom just bogt me a book an it’s the best book evr! It’s all about this kittee an his differkult sertch fer a houskeepr, an his figts, an HADDOCK, an the tim he got reellee sik an lost som fur, an also a buntch of egzistentchul theems to do wift kittee peeples and hoomin peeples livin together, so lik, cross-speeseez fhillosofee. Huh.

The writr’s naym is May Sarton, an mom sez she wuz a grayt po-et an also wrot long storeez calld novulz. She eevn livd not so far from heer, an part of the book happins in Cambridj, that is across the rivr.

Almos fergot: the book is calld The Fur Person. Is deeplee moovin, a tru pertrayal of the tryals of feelyn lif. I givs it 4 starz. Yu gots to go get this book an reed it. Or hav yer mom or dad reed it to yu, lik myn did.

I givs yu a qwot of the ferst payj:

"When he was about two years old, and had been a Cat About Town for some time, glorious in conquests, but rather too thin for comfort, the Fur Person decided that it was time he settled down. This question of finding a permanent home and staff was not one to be approached lightly of a May morning..." (Sarton 13).

OK. Now yu go get book.

Sarton, May. The Fur Person. New York: WW Norton, 1983.


Nancy said...

Isn't this a great find? Enjoy.

MY said...

Sue? Are you there? Has the cat eaten you yet? Did Musashi get Me, Too's postcard?

Pamela said...

I direct Musashi's attention to a book (it's mainly photos) titled Ernie, which is written in part by Tony Mendoza and in part by Ernie the cat.