Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gimli is Winnin So Far

Okay, we gots 2 more hoomin peeples' votz and 2 mor kittee/doggee peeplez' votz. I mayd what mom call a egzekyutiv desizhun an that is that fish can't vot. Huh. Som peeples...

So heer we ar:

Chuk Noris: 19.5 starz.
Gimli son of Gloin: 70 starz.

I bet it's cuz of the hat.


Nancy said...

If I were as successful at raising money as I appear to be garnering votes for Gimli, my congregations would not be having to tighten their belts!

Pamela said...

Fish cant vot? Dats diskriminayshun!

MY said...

How about snakes? Me, Too caught a snake last night and we're pretty sure the snake would have voted 5 stars for Chuck Norris... if he hadn't squiggled away after freeing himself from the jaws of death.


Musashi said...

Musashi Sez:

1) Fer Revrund Nansee: Yer congegayshuns shud be goin "Woo=haa!" based on yer monee-rayzin kaypabiliteez.

2) Fish don't hav mutch personalitee; ergo, they hasn' mutch vots.

3) Mai mom duzn't lik snayks. So snayks duzn't git vots. Lyf iz not fayr. Yu gots to git ovr it.