Thursday, June 4, 2009

Puss an Boots an Antonio

Musashi Sez:

Som stuff that mai mom liks is jus stoopid, lik gittar myoozik (she lernd 2 whol kordz so far), an Snoopee whu is a doggee, an baklava (don’t aksk me).

But somtim she gets theez mooveez in red paypr onvelops, an they not all bad. Ther iz this 1 guy whu is perty cool. He iz from Spayn, an so he play lotsa rolls wher he hafta speek wift a Spaynish aksent. Somtimz they’r sad. I don’t lik thoz. But he wuz also in Shrek II as Puss In Boots, a great Kittee Heero. So I gives him 2 whol starz, cuz how manee hoomin peeples is willin to play the grayt kitteez of our tym? I thingk that thoz akterz ort to get a award, lik how they gets Oskarz, an Obeez, an Toneez, an stuff. I rekkamend a new award. We cud call it the Moocheez, after Mooch from the comik strip Mutts. They wud get a big gold statchu of Mooch hangin from a tree brantch, cuz I thingks that’s whut happins when they agreez to play a cat.

So I nominenayt ANTONIO BANDERAS as getting the First-Ever GOLDEN MOOCHEE AWARD fer his pertrayal of a kittee in the big sinerma-film industree thing.

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MY said...


I have not watched this movie, although I do enjoy saying the name "Antonio Banderas" like the SNL sketch of "The Antonio Banderas Show." (YouTube it.)

I did, however, blog about cats today.

I think you may enjoy it. I know Sue will.