Monday, May 18, 2009

Thinkin about Singin

Musashi Sez:

Mai mom lissens to myoozikuls a lot, an that has totullee chanjd her vyu of myuzik. I gess that’s OK, cuz ther ar som hoomin peeples that ar contantlee lissenin to Oprah, that chick from Chicago whu has her own show and whu is parentlee singing constantlee stuff lik the ariars from Handle an foks lik him. Fer egsampul:

I am looking for my love
in the shady forests,
in the forests, overshadowed,
I am looking for my love.
in the forests of shadow
my love, my overshadowed love
is, in the forests,
by all the other trees,
where I am looking
for my love…

So aneewae, I thinks all of this is hogwash. Yu eethr noe wher yer lov is or yu don’t, an singin about it won’t halp. So if yu wants to sing, get up on a reellee gud fens and sing about somthin entierlee else!!!


MY said...

While I agree with Musashi's logic ("you either know where your love is or you don't"), sometimes the fun -- and the pain and the agony and the ridiculousness -- is in the search.

Or maybe that's all hogwash too. :-)

Pamela said...

That's those Germans for ya.