Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Haz Crankee

Musashi Sez:

This mornin is no fayr. The burds ar chirpin lik crayzee but I can’t see them. An the trees ar maykin whoosh noiziz an mom sez that’s the wind, but is annoyin. I chaysd mai mousee, but he rund awae unner the couch wher it’s hard to get to him. Mom offerd to shayr her waffuls wift me, cuz she sez waffuls halp wift the crankee, but they smelld lik reglar hoomin peeples fud, bleah.

Huh. Then she sugjestid that I writ “LUGUBRIOUS” down in 1 of her noetbooks but that not so halpful when yu can’t hold crayon. It’s cold an the sun has gon awae an I don’t lik it.

So fynalee, mom sed she red a buk about jus this sorta thin bak when she wuz in gradjuet skool. The buk sed that if eetin waffuls an writin LUGUBRIOUS didn’t werk, then yu shud jus probabbul go bak to bed. So that’s egzaktlee whut I did, an yu noe, it kinda halpd.

So I givs this yoosful buk 3 whol starz (Yah, I noe: perty amayzin!!!). It’s called Alicia’s Bad Day an it’s by mai mom’s frend from skool, Lisa Jahn-Clough. Her naym is almos as hard to spell as myn is, but is worth it. Yu go buy this buk now, ok?


Pamela said...

Clearly, Musashi should have come to Medford with us!

Musashi said...

Lots of people make him either very shy or very frenetic. Imagine dealing with a frenetic cranky cat... No thanks. And he doesn't appreciate sushi. Sigh.

MY said...

Maybe he has ear mites. Those can make a cat pretty cranky. Trust me.