Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Fansee Scroll Toob

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we lostid contact wift Mr. Tygr ther cuz of bein out on the othr side of the planet fer a whil, but when we got back, he was ther waytin fer us in a littul silver buggy wift a doggee dryvin it. It turn out that the doggee wasn’t Snoopy (cuz I noe yu wer thinking that), but another feller naymed Duncan, whu was the Chef on the Nautilus an Mr. Tyrgr’s new best friend. He had to go buy provizhunz fer the Nautilus and agreed to sneak Mr. Tygr back here to the spaceship Spontaneity.
Then mai Mom an Kaylee jumpt down to grab hiz arms an sayv him an bring him on board. We grabbed him. This wuz a big, big surpryz, fer boft him and us.

Mr. Tygr Sez: Wayt! Wayt! I…gots…the dock-yu-mint!

(He waves around a gold toob.)

Musashi Sez (taykin the toob): Huh! In onlee daez, yu managed to identify, locate an aqwire them naymin rigts to that ther sno-storm that shud has ben naymed Musashi.

Kaylee Sez: Open it! Open it!

Musashi Sez: Um, I not got the disposabul thumz. Mom?

MomSue Sez: Okay…here is me unscrewin the toob. An takin out the rolled up paper. An unrollin it…

Duncan Sez: What does it say?

Mr. Tygr: Um, weren’t yu sposed to go back to the Nautilus?

Mom: Um, you’re not goin to lik this… It sae that the bearer of this certifrkit has ben “helpful wiftout being aksked.” An the naym is Mr. Ahab Nemo.

Kaylee: Wull, that don’t mayke no kinda sens!

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