Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Mysterious on the Spontaneity

Musashi Sez:

Okay, heer is the teaser part of the blog.

Yu are walking (wift the camera) down a metal corridor in a space ship, step, step, step, step, verree quietly, as if yu are sneekin up on somboddee. A strange yellr ligt is shinin around a doorway. Yu stops and then (verree bravely) yu steps throo the doorway to see:

A kittee almost compleetlee covered in a bright yellr blanket! Very scary!

Then across yer screen yu see the words, 48 HOURS EARLIER…

An this is wher I tells yu about how I spent Holey Saturday.

Mom was in an out all dae doin stuffs, an so when she was out, I had the com, which mean 1) I was drivin the ship—VROOM! VROOM!—and 2) I cudn’t keep an eye on that big furry guy wift his big, mysterious wooden box. I know that he was doin stuffs down in the cargo hold, which is the enormous imaginary space unner mom’s armchair. Kaylee was down ther too, but she was in the enjin room, trying to make an old wire hanger into the twirly thing that she sed the enjin needs but that we don’t has the money to buy at the momint.

When Mom came home in the aftrnoon, I had the chance to go down and see what that fellr was up to. To my verree great surprise, he was up to his neez in baskets and was putting all this stranj green stuff in them, like grass.

I sez, “Hey! What yu doin ther, Mistr?”

He turned an gived me the beedy eye. “Huh. What it look like I’m doin?”

An I sez, “I think yu is putting grass in them baskets. But I doesn’t know why.”

An he sez, “Look, kid. I’m the Easter Bunnee an I got work to do. So why don’t you go back up to your driver’s seat an go back to poppin wheelies in this here spaceship-chair-thing.”

And rigt about then, Mom had to go off to church agen, so I went back to poppin wheelies, cuz he may be rood but he is rigt that poppin wheelies in a space ship reqwire lotsa practice.

VROOM! NYEEER POW! KAPOW! (Cuz practicing wift the imaginary subspace ship-to-ship water canons is also importint!)

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