Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting Commandeerd

Musashi Sez:

We noez that yu hasn’t heard from us in a whil, but we kin explain. See, we had this weird egsperiens wher this big fuzzee white guy walks in an sez, “Sorry, frend, but we needs yer ship. We has been trying to reach everybody in onlee one nigt.”

An I sez, “Huh! Are you Santa Clauz?”

“Hnrf!” laughed the weird guy. “Does I look lik somebody who wud go down chimneys to you?”

An I sez, “Um, maybe?”

An he sez, “This sleek white fur? Do it look lik it has been up an down chimneys lately?”

“Um, no?”

“An do Santy Clauz bring folks chocolate eggs an bunnies?”

“Um, no.”

“So, clearly, we need to  commandeer yer ship so we kin gets all theez chocolate eggs an bunneez to peoples everywhere.”

An that has made us too busy to help wift the whol Captin Nemo project.


PJS said...

And if we want to get chocolate eggs & bunnies, we hang our stockings?

Susan Spilecki said...

Yup: yu hsngz them unner yer kitchen clock wift the brigt red roostr on it an yu sez pleez. An that about it.

Mu an Su.


Susan Spilecki said...

Them clock things will say how yu ar the X'o'clock Bunnee. But havin' becom Protestant, I am willing to say how I am wildly willing to accept women as priests and deacons!