Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Noo Blog

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we has been tryin to figgr out our Softwayr Problims up heer in mostlee Outer Space. Our fansee JPL/NASA softwayr keeps talking about outlinz as if we meant them, which natchrullee mayk commyoonicaytin much harder.

We is tryin to figgr out how Mistr Rogers’ “Halpin Wiftout Being Asked” certificate is connected to Captain Nemo’s stealin our naymin rigts of that ol’ blizzard last fall, and how we kin mayk all of this confuzzlemint rigt.

But fer rigt now, we has sended Agent Duncan bak down to Earth to do his grocery shoppin, so he kin return to Nemo still lookin innrcent, eevn tho he halped Mister Tyger get orf Nemo’s ship.

Meanwhile, we is tryin to figgr out if this ol’ certifrcate is coded or somthin.

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