Thursday, April 5, 2012

The AftrMafts!!!

Musashi Sez:

The lastest two weeks has ben a reel chor. In addishun to mai mom’s doin that whol theesis thin, and the Puttin the Ritz on EDS las Frydae, she has hads to do her othr jobs at playsiz. It has ben verree confuzzlin. We has ben listnen to Joolie Androoz an that noo laydee, Adel, an also som othr peeplz, whooz naymz I has fergettid. An then graydin payprz, lik that is importint. (I thingk it not, but she thingk it is.)

But, SHOWBIZ, that unholy kittee, has gottid our attenshun!!! We is thingkin about how we kin win her bak to our livin rum. Mom thingks that if she writs a myoozikul thin about the Writ Brothrz an their fayvrit laydee, Flyt, she will keep bizee enugf to be, yu noe, kinda sayn, eevn aftr gradjitayshun an stuffs in mid-May.

I thingks ther not enugf kitteez in teh storee to mayk it rivettin enugf fer anybodee to spend a hour or too on listenin to folks whu cannot fly figgr out how mebbe they migt lern to fly. Huh. I thingks this ridiklus. But I cud be rong.

We’ll jus havta see. Huh.

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