Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Egzersizmint

Musashi Sez:

Wull, this week has ben the Ferts Dae of Spring, wift all them flowrz and birdeez an the noo "warm" thin lik what we did last yeer. Mom has the crankee about the warm cuz she sez them icy glayshrz ar meltin verree fast. I purrz loud to gets her mind orf it, an if that not werk, I run! verree fast! across the partmint! Somtim she chays me, so that boft givz her lotsa helthee egzersizement an also get her mind orf bad things.

Don't yu wish I livd wift yu?

Admitlee, ther is the Depooprayshun that mom has to do fer me, but hey, that's egzersizmint too--Deep Nee Benz, or mebbee The Benz, I fergits. Also, ther is the yogr postchur mom does when she clip mai toenailz, lik she wrap one leg aroun me an holds me wift one hand whil she yooz the Eevl Clipprz of Deth wift the othr one. It not egzactly a half Nelson, more like a three-quartr Nelson.

The byootee of all this egzersizmint, eevn the noying kind wher my toenailz (WHICH WER PERFICTLY FIN BEFOR!!!) gets shortr, is that Mom fergits about globular climit chaynj an somtimz remembrers to givs me a treet fer eetch foot. An yu noe, evrdae we gettin stronger an mor smartypants an mor redier for the Lympics.

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