Sunday, April 22, 2012

Post-Marathon an Post-Erth Dae Writr Blok

Musashi Sez: So I has ben havin the writr blok an no mistayk.
Evr time I gets up on the compyootr desk to writ,
Mom sez, “Musashi! Can’t yu see I is werkin heer?”

Which is perty big blok. But akshullee, I has tried writin wen mai mom wuzn’t around, an I has gotted no mor writin don in comparison. I is jus stukt. An this is akshullee surprizulaytin to me, cuz I reesintlee got a Plot Bunnee, whu now liv wift me an shud be halpin me mor. Mom findid him bak befor Eestr. He was lyin on the sidwok, all alon. It remindid her of me, when I wuz all lostid an alon so she bringed him hom. We has becom frends. But I keep waytin fer him to giv me halp wift mai writr blok, an mostlee he jus sit ther. 

Now, part of me sez, “Hey, thanklis bunnee, giv me halp!” But the othr part sez, “Huh, Musashi, yu hadz a whol monft to werk out yer Post-Trumatic-Lostid-Disordr. An he onlee a bunnee. Yu gotsta gives him mor time!” This whut happin wen yu hang out wift sombodee goin to ministr skool. Yu gets all pastoral an starts acktin lik a sheeps.
Huh. So aneeway, I am not promissin brillyunt plots anytime soon, cuz we has not gots them. But at leest now yu noez why. Now if onlee I cud fix this borked blogspot stuffs. Harrumph.

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