Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mor of That Blok Thin an How I Planz to Fix It

Musashi Sez:
So I has ben suffrin frum this wrytr blok thin now fer a cupla monfts, an it is no fun. Ther jus seem to be no storeez aneewher. Mom sez, “Whut about yer spai storeez? Or the cowboy kittee storeez? Or the storeez about yer planz fer werld dominayshun?”

Yah, thoz all sounz gud, but I jus cants git up mai enthooziazm fer them. Mom sez this tipikul of wrytrz. It kind of lik the “I gots a whol clozit full of clothz an nothin to wer” syndrum. Verree noyin.

But I doez has one ideer. It kinda desprit, but I feelin kinda desprit. See, I figgr ther ar storeez in othr playsiz, yu noe, lik in othr werlds. I has alwaes wantid to travul to Narnia, cuz I heer that Ceeling Cat liv ther, yu noe, in cogneeto. Also, ther lotsa sword figts, an that soun lik fun. Conveenyuntlee, Mom did som londree todae, so I shud be able to find the back of her clozit wift a little persistins.

An evrbodee noe that Narnia start wher the clozit end...

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