Monday, April 23, 2012

Mai Othr Collabraytr

Musashi Sez:
So it has occurrd to me that som of yu migts hav mistaked that mai nu bunnee frend wuz what mai mom call “reel.” I thingk that werd is not a gud werd fer whut we ar talkin bout heer. See, som peeples migt perzoom that jus cuz our nu frend is a bunnee, he migt has diffrunt waes of bein “reel” compayrd to yu an me.

So I is heer to tells yu that Floyd—I calls him Floyd—has nevr akshullee lived in the forist. We thingk he wuz bornd in Chynr, an caymed to us throo ships and traynz an big truks, an then a famblee wift a littul kid whu wuz orfullee cayrless. So Floyd (Yah, I noe he keep sayin, “Mai naym not Floyd!”), he cleerlee is onlee reel fer a givn value of “reel.” An Mom sez, “Huh, so lik the rest of us then?” I hayts it wen Mom get all trikee like that, speshullee wen I still gots no plot fer mai blog.

Aneewae, Happy Shaykspeer’z birftdae!

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