Friday, April 27, 2012

The Ferts Meetin of the Felyn Adventchrerz Rotunda Calld to Ordr

Musashi Sez:

The mor I thingked about whut went rong wift mai orijinul planz to go to Narnia, the mor I relizd I cudn’t do it alon. I needed a innocent to tayk wift me, cuz they is alwaez bettrer at opening dorz. So naturallee, I went an akskd mai wrasslin instructr, Mr. Tygr, if he wud com too.

He wuz surpryzinlee shy about it. He sed he is a hom-boddee, akshullee, an cudn’t we just rent a video of Narnia? An mebbe mayk som popcorn in the nuklearwayv masheen?

This not whut I egspektid of him, cuz he is normlee verree feers. So I sed, “Mr. Tygr, wher yer sens of adventchur? We goin to seek out stranj werlds an go wher not too manee folks has gon befor, an be bold an split som infinitiv verbs, an like that. Yu HAS to com wift me. Whut if I gets into a wrasslin match an ye’r not ther to spray me wift the wadder bottul an tell me to win one for mai supper?”

Natchurlee, wift argyoomints lik this, I wund him ovr.

So we went to the clozit dor an taykd som deep brefts. Then I sed, “OK, Mr. Tygr. Yu hang onto mai coller and luk verree feers. I goin to tayk a runnin leep into the londree. Reddee?”

One-Two-Three! For Ceiling Cat!

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