Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mebbe She Needs to Worsh the Darks Too

Musashi Sez:

Huh. I spended all dae tryin to finds mai wae around mai mom’z clozit, in mai brayv attemps to find Narnia, but no luk. I figgrd ther probabul somthin mor to it, liks I gots to invoke Ceeling Cat an aks fer permishun to com to Narnia, or mebbe I need som fansee majik amyoolit. I akskd Mom whut she thortid about this an she kinda freekd out.

Mom: Why yu wanna go to Narnia, Musashi? Ther are lotsa danjrus creetchrz ther.

Me: Aw, Mom, yu nevr lets me has anee fun.

Mom: But yu cud gets lostid ther an I nevr see yu agin.

Me: Aw, c’mon, Mom, tim not go the saym wae ther as heer. Yu’ll sae, “Bye, Musashi, I hasta go to werk now!” and befor yu noez it, yu’ll com hom an I’ll be lickin my pawz so I kin get them stickee photrgraf cornrz to fits into mai noo scrapbuk about mai adventchrz in Narnia.

Mom: Photrgraf cornrz?

Me: Wull, duh! Yu not expect me to go to another werld an not tayk the piktchrz! By the wae, kin I borrow yer camra?

Mom: Wull, of cors, but it kinda need subliminal thumz. 

(I think that whut she sed. She lookd kinda dayzd. That offin happin wen we has theez kinda conversashunz.)

Me: Hmm. I migt need to tayks me a Sherpa. I has to thingk about this mor…

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