Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mor Egsytin Diskuvreez about ME!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, the egsytmint todae is that I is parentlee mor lefthandid than not. We diskuvrd this wen we wuz playin wift the Layzr Poyntr (that mom calls the Kittee Crak Dot, but I don’t noe why, cuz I hasn’t brokdid anythin playin wift it yet). Wen the trikkee light com neer me, I smak it wift mai paw, but onlee the left 1, cuz that’s jus eezee-er fer me. Mom sez, “Yep, yu’r a leftee, jus lik yer granpa. He’ll be veree pleezd.”

This is eevn tho I do mos othr thins wift whutevr paw happin to be avaylubul at the tim. Huh.

A NOTE ABOUT THE TITLE: I cudn't com up wift a gud titul fer this post, so I asksd Mom whut Onkul MeToo wud call it, an she caym up wift this verree fast.

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