Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fyzikl Therpst or Possibul Ornitholojist

Musashi Sez:

So I wuz jus talking to mai frend, Mistr Tygr, about mai possibul fyootchr kareerz. He sed he thingks that I wud be a natchral houskat. At frst I thogt he wuz maykin a jok on me, but he wuz verree seeryus.

“Yu got mad ninjr houskat skillz,” he sed. “Yu iz alwaes stretchin or watchin brdeez out windo. Isn’t that whut houskat does?”

I told him, wull, yea, sorta. I had to egsplayn that bein a houskat is not zaktlee a kareer, an that I hav ben traynin day an nigt jus in cays I cud be a fyzikl therpst, or possibul a ornithololojst, which is lik sombodee whu stretchiz othr peeples out and sombodee whu noes stuff about brdeez.

“Huh!” I sed. “Imajin yu not noeing that!”

Of cors, he does got stuffin fer braynz, but he’s a gud frend aneewae.


Pamela said...

I have several good friends who have stuffin fer braynz.

Musashi said...

Reelee? Does yu praktis yer ninja skillz wift them?