Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mor Thogts on Vedrenz an Othr Warriyrz

Musashi Sez:

Now I iz cleerlee a kittee peeple, an is well-noen how kittee an doggee peeple don’t alwaez get along so gud. But yestrdae, Mom an me wer surfin the Innerwebs togethr. We
found this sit about doggeez whu was soldjrz, from the Werld Warz to the now war. An we boft thogted that we shud comememorayt thoz brayv doggeez fer halpin keep the werld sayf fer demokrissee an crooltee-freeness an stuff.

(I shud point out tho, that wen I akskd Mom wher the war kitteez wer, she thogted fer a whyl an sed, “Wull, they’r probabul the offislers, wudn’t yu thingk?” An of cors, she probabul rigt. Huh.)

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