Monday, December 7, 2009

Mor Career Conversayshunz

Musashi Sez:

So now I’z thinking I’z goin to be a fhilosofhr kittee. This meens I spenz tim thingkin about Deep Stuff whil I’m lookin out windo. I fggrz out meenin of lif, mebbe, or whut is byootee or trooth or lik that.

Mom is not so pleezd. She sez, “Huh, them westrn fhilosofhrz is alwaes jus talkin about talkin about thinkin about thinkin. Whu goin to pae yu to do that?”

I sez, “I’l be a perfessr, lik yu!”

“Huh. Yu goin to grayd payprs?”

“Shur, it not hard. Yu sits on bed wift a crayon an grumbulz about bad spellin an sloppee thingkin an evr wuns in a whil, yu shouts Hollerlooya! I cud do that.”

“Yu goin to lektchur?” she aksks.

“Shur. Of cors. Whut is lektchur?”

“It meen standin in frunt of bord an talking about stuff, an then remyndin them stoodints that they shud hav written it down.”

“Oh, yah. I cud do that. I eevn gots mai ferst synmint.”


“Yah. I mayks them go to lyburree in payrz. Stoodint A climbs on taybul an tayks nap. Stoodint B sits neer an tayks nots about how evrboddee els reackt. It show them how yu kin chooz the Gud Lif, a Lif ful of meenin, but othr foks, espeshul hoomin typs, isn’t goin to unnerstan. They needz to get perpayrd fer that.”

“Huh. Yu migt be betterer at this than I thogt….”


Pamela said...

Maybe what Musashi should be is an anthropologist.

Musashi said...

Hmmm. Tell me mor, plz. How com? M

Pamela said...

You are good at watching hoomans and trying to figure out why they, as a whole, do things.